SupportLine is particularly aimed at those who are isolated, at risk, vulnerable and victims of any form of abuse.

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SupportLine is particularly aimed at those who are isolated, at risk, vulnerable and victims of any form of abuse.

Visit our problem page


SupportLine is particularly aimed at those who are isolated, at risk, vulnerable and victims of any form of abuse.

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SupportLine is particularly aimed at those who are isolated, at risk, vulnerable and victims of any form of abuse.

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Feedback from callers

'When I first rang SupportLine I didn't know what to say, but the lady on the phone was patient and warming towards me. She gave me time and space to tell her what was going on in my life.

The help and advice SupportLine has given to me and the ongoing support I am receiving has helped me cope better and manage my life. SupportLine goes out of their way to help me as much as they can and make a positive impact on my life.

The time and effects that has gone into the website is brilliant. The different problems and advice that is available helps so many people. When I talk to people I always recommend the helpline and the website.'

'I feel I owe you a big debt of gratitude. The year could have been so different (and a lot worse) if you had not been there.... some results nothing short of miraculous. I have been fortunate to contact yourselves when I did. I sincerely hope your charity is getting the funds it needs to stay open as you provide a valuable and caring service - just talking with you is a relief.'

'I just wanted to say thank you and let you know how grateful I am for all the help and support that you have given me over the past 6 to 7 months. As you are aware this year has been one of the hardest for me and I don't think that I would still be here today if it wasn't for all the support I've received of SupportLine.

When I first called your helpline I was at rockbottom, I was isolated, scared, depressed, had no friends and not a supportive family to help, I felt that no-one cared about me and that no-one understood me, I was in financial difficulties and very suicidal.

I picked up the courage to call you and try one more time to get some help, and wow has my life changed around thanks to you!

First thing (most important) you 'listened' to me and you believed me, I felt that you understood and I really needed that, after talking to you for a while I built up a trust in you, and I'm so glad I learnt to trust you, you've never let me down. You always encourage me and give me praise, you showed me that people do care, you didn't give up on me when I had given up on myself (and that meant a lot)! You helped me to learn to value myself and take care of myself, you've helped me to look at the way I view myself and to try and change my negative thoughts to positive.

I can't thank you enough for putting me in touch with my Therapist. I was so scared of going for psychotherapy, you helped me gain enough confidence and will to survive to give counselling a good try, I'm now 4 weeks into my therapy and I'm now starting to see a positive change in me (thanks to your helpline).

That was more than enough that you could do for me and I was extremely grateful but you still went that extra mile, you helped me to sort out my debt problems, you contacted people on my behalf when I was panicking and couldn't face my problems, you've supported me by writing letters to Social Services and got me funding for therapy when everyone else let me down. You referred me to 'Step-Up' so I could get more of a tight network of support around me, all I wanted and wasn't sure I'd get was a listening ear, but you've given me absolute outstanding support, far beyond I feel I deserve, 'thank you' doesn't seem to articulate enough what I actually feel, you've given me more support than my own family!

I think you are an amazing helpline, you really understand, genuinely care, and give time, and that really shows clearly in the work that you've done with me.

Thank you for not giving up on me and thank you for saving my life! I'm going to work really hard at my therapy, really hard at learning to 'like' and 'value' myself and work hard at gaining a 'life' and learning to heal!

You gave me the encouragement, determination, and self belief, to be able to do that, as I don't know how else to show my appreciation I'm going to succeed in the above and 'heal' from my past. Forever grateful, tons of admiration and respect for you and the work that you do.'

'Just a few lines to thank you for all the support that you've shown me since I began telephoning. Until I heard about this helpline I never imagined that things would change and I thought I'd never improve. However three months on, I now feel able to improve my quality of life. Both my self confidence and my self esteem are getting stronger every day. The change in me has also been noticed by other people I see and even my own GP.

After I'd been sexually abused over thirty years ago it had a devastating effect on me. I'm totally amazed at how much progress I've made and most of that is thanks to your helpline. A big thank you once more.

I sincerely hope this helpline continues to expand and is always there when its needed by people like myself. It's a truly brilliant telephone support and has really helped me in ways I didn't think were even possible a few months back. The advice given is inspiring and always makes me feel like someone really cares and understands. I'm so glad I rang the number in the first place, as I don't know what I'd have done without it now. I hope the service you provide really takes off in a big way and thanks for always being there.'

'Thank you very much for your help in keeping me calm, sane, happy and for helping me laugh again. Also you have helped me so much in rebuilding my life and being able to talk to people with more ease, because the way you talk to me has help me to be more relaxed when talking to other people. Don't stop being your self.'

'Thank you for being there for me. You worked so hard and kept me hanging on when I just wanted to give up. Thank you for saving my life.'

'The volunteer I spoke to really helped me to start taking back my own power, something I haven't done before, and to talk to my husband about some problems. As a result he opened up to me about some of the things that have been bothering him, we have started planning our future, and are both starting to feel happier and more in control. I can't tell you the difference the things your volunteer suggested to me have made to my whole life - it really inspired me to stop being a victim and become much more of a survivor. When I phone you I could see no happiness in my future. After I called I felt so much better and made some really positive changes. Thank you for giving me such a chunk of your time. It meant a lot.'

I rang your helpline
But didn't know what to say
I was going to put the phone down
But your patience made me stay.

You helped me put my thoughts into words
And put my barriers aside
You gave me so much caring
And stayed with me while I cried.

I hated myself so much
I had so much anger in me
You helped me to see the good in myself
You helped me really see.

You were there for me in so many ways
And gave me practical ways to cope
You helped me to feel stronger
And start to have some hope.

My self worth was so low
I was full of guilt and pain
You helped me to see it wasn't my fault
And I wanted to live again.

Your belief in me was amazing
You believed I could move on
The fear, the panic, the despair
The negative thoughts have gone.

You've made me realise my strength
The positive energy inside
To regain control of my life
I no longer want to hide.

My confidence is growing
There's less days that I feel sad
When I have a setback I get through it
And there's more good days than bad.

You've helped me confront my fears
You've helped me accept reality
You've helped me start to live again
You've helped me to be me.

I'm so glad I rang your helpline
I'm so pleased I picked up the phone
All the support you've given me
Has made me feel less alone.

Thank you doesn't seem enough
There aren't enough words to say
You've been there for me when others haven't
When others turned me away.

Thank you for all the work you do
Thank you for being there
For being someone I could trust
And most of all for all your care.

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