Pregnancy/Infertility Support

Agencies which can offer Support and Information

British Infertility Counselling Association
BICA is the only professional counselling association for infertility counsellors and counselling in the UK seeking to promote the highest standards of counselling for those considering or undergoing fertility investigations and treatment.

Brook Young People’s Information Service:
Information, support and signposting service for young people under 25 on sexual health, contraception, pregnancy and abortion.

Ectopic Pregnancy Foundation:
Patient Helpline 0845 070 4636

Helpline, information, forum.

Ectopic Pregnancy Trust: 020 7733 2653 
www.ectopic.org.uk - Helpline providing support and information for women and families affected by an ectopic pregnancy.

Fertility Network:
01424 732361

Free and impartial support, advice, information and understanding for anyone affected by fertility issues.

House of Light
0800 043 2031
Support for Women and their families suffering from Post Natal Depression. The Helpline provides information, advice and support.

Miscarriage Association  01924 200799
www.miscarriageassociation.org.uk - Information and support for people affected by the loss of a baby in pregnancy

National Childbirth Trust (NCT)
0300 330 0700
Information and support in pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood.  Callers are put in touch with counselors and/or local and regional contacts for support groups including groups for caesareans and miscarriage.

Pandas Foundation
0843 289 8401
A support group network for men whose wives or partners are suffering from pre or post natal depression.

Sexual Health Helpline N.Ireland
0345 122 8687
Helpline offering information and support on range of sexual health issues including contraception and planning a pregnancy. Holds details of all UK family planning and sexual health clinics.

Scottish Care and Information on Miscarriage: 0141 552 5070
www.miscarriagesupport.org.uk - helpline, counselling and befriending service for anyone affected by a miscarriage. Support for those dealing with a subsequent pregnancy up to delivery. Pre-pregnancy counselling support.

Tommy’s the baby charity: 0800 0147 800
- helpline staffed by midwives providing non urgent pregnancy related information

Worth Talking About
0300 123 2930

Information, advice and guidance for young people under 18 on sexuality and sexual health including contraception, pregnancy, family planning clinics, sexually transmitted diseases, peer pressure and relationships.


Support to all women who have had a traumatic birth experience.

Infertility and fertility support - leading infertility community in the UK with members at every stage of their journey. Infertility, adoption, parenting, after infertility and moving on.

Help for those facing unplanned pregnancy or following an abortion. Find local centres where you can talk to someone freely and in confidence. 

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