Gender Identity

Agencies which can offer Support and Information

  • Beaumont Society: 01582 412220
    www.beaumontsociety.org.uk - National 24hr helpline and other support for transvestites, transsexuals, their partners and families. Self help organisation offering advice on cross dressing and gender dysphoria. Social functions, magazine for members.

  • Beaumont Trust: 07000 287878
    www.beaumont-trust.org.uk - Helpline for transsexuals, transvestites and their partners. Referral to specialist agencies, counsellors and self help groups.

  • Depend: BM Depend, London WC1N 3XX
    www.depend.org.uk - Free confidential advice, inormation and support for all family member, spouses, partners and friends of transsexual people in the UK.

  • Gires: The Gender Identity Research & Education Society: 01372 801554
    www.gires.org.uk - Information for trans people, their families and professionals who care for them.

  • LGBT Helpline Scotland:
    0300 123 2523

    Open every Tuesday and Wednesday from 12-9pm. Information and emotional support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and their families, friends and supporters across Scotland.

  • LGBT Youth Scotland: (Area served Scotland)
    0131 555 3940
    www.lgbtyouth.org.uk - Helpline and other information, advice and support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people under 26. Advice on range of issues including housing. Scotland wide network of events for young people and group leaders.

  • Mermaids:
    0344 334 0550
    www.mermaidsuk.org.uk - Telephone information and listening service for children and teenagers with gender identity issues and their families.

  • Mindline Trans+
    0300 330 5468

    Listen, support and information for those who identify as Trans, their family and friends.

  • One Parent Families (Scotland): 0808 801 0323
    www.opfs.org.uk -
    Helpline information and advice for lone parents. Includes parenting issues for gay lesbian, bisexual, transgender parents and for children of gay, lesbian, bi, transgender parents.

  • TransLiving International:
    Helpline advice, information, counselling and self help support groups for transvestites, transsexuals and their wives, partners and families. Monthly social functions and quarterly international magazine to members.


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