SupportLine is particularly aimed at those who are isolated, at risk, vulnerable and victims of any form of abuse.

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SupportLine is particularly aimed at those who are isolated, at risk, vulnerable and victims of any form of abuse.

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SupportLine is particularly aimed at those who are isolated, at risk, vulnerable and victims of any form of abuse.

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SupportLine is particularly aimed at those who are isolated, at risk, vulnerable and victims of any form of abuse.

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Learning Disability

Agencies which can offer Support and Information

UK National Helpline 0300 666 9410
Helpline providing advice and information, listening and signposting for parents of children and young adults who have speech, language and communication impairments.

ASSERT (Angelman Syndrome Support, Education and Research Trust)
0300 999 0102
Advice, information and support for families of children and adults with Angelman syndrome (a rare chromosome disorder which causes severe learning difficulties)

Better Connected (run by Guideposts)
Better Connected
Better Connected is a UK-wide social club for anyone with autism or learning difficulties. We organise online events through the week, local meetups and a monthly community magazine!

Challenging Behaviour Foundation
Family Support Line: 0300 666 0126
Information for families caring for people with severe learning disabilities who have challenging behaviour.

ENABLE Scotland: (Area served Scotland)
0300 0200 101
Enquiry line and other services for people with learning disabilities and their families including local advocacy projects, self help groups, family based respite service, employment support and vocational training, supported living and flexible support for people with learning disabilities.

Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities
Raising awareness of learning disabilities and information on website.

Fragile X Society
01371 875100
Helpline, support and information for families whose children and adult relatives have the Fragile x syndrome (the most common cause of inherited learning disabilities) and professionals working with or caring for affected individuals.

Gig Buddies with Thera Trust
Gig Buddies enables adults with a learning disability to live an active social life. They do this by pairing members to like minded volunteers to enjoy their shared passion together. They also work with a wide range of venues and arts organisations to make local events more welcoming for people with a learning disability.

01993 893 560
UK charity supporting people with learning disabilities, complex mental health needs and dementia. Through their work they ensure that people can be connected to their community and live the best life possible – regardless of circumstances. They provide one-to-one support to help you navigate difficult life situations and be in better control of your health and wellbeing. Their Hubs offer activities through the day. They can support you with your wellbeing, build skills, and give you a greater sense of purpose.  They run a wide range of social and support groups to bring people together and tackle isolation. They also provide one-to-one befriending at home.

L'Arche is a network of Communities where people with and without Learning Disabilities live alongside one another, share the joys and challenges of life, and form unique friendships not often seen in wider society.
Apply for support:

Learning Disability Helpline
Mencap Direct 0808 808 1111
Advice and information on all aspects of learning disability, issues covered include benefits for people with a learning disability and their carers, housing options and independent living, education, employment options and the support available for people in work or trying to find work, community care (including direct payments).

UK’s largest Christian charity running a wide range of services for adults and children with disabilities. Livability gives disabled people a real choice about how they live their lives.

Look Ahead
0333 010 4600
Look Ahead works with vulnerable people throughout the UK, those with learning difficulties, mental health, young people and the homeless .

Outsiders Sex and Disability Helpline:
Outsiders is a safe community of people across the UK who share a wide range of physical and social disabilities. Many are looking to change their lives around, make new friends, enjoy life to the full and find partners. Club membership costs - please see website for full details.

Read Easy
Charity helping adults learn to read

020 7383 0700
Works with children and adults with learning disabilities who have experienced abuse or trauma, as well as hose who have abused others, through psychotherapy, advocacy, campaigning and other support.

0808 800 3333
Support and advice for anyone with a learning or physical disability

The Advocacy People
0330 440 9000
Independent health complaints advocacy with a range of services covering a number of areas in the South of England, providing advocacy on issues which include health complaints, mental health, disability.

The Family Carer Support Service run by HFT
0808 801 0448
One to one support and advice to family carers support a relative with a learning disability.

Thera Trust
The Charity believes that you are the best person to know how your support should be organised.
Their goal is to make sure that anyone with learning disabilities has the right support for them.

Vulnerability Registration Service
Free to register, the VRS is a database of vulnerable people that allows you to alert companies to the fact that you’re in vulnerable circumstances. It lets business identify your vulnerability and take it into account when they communicate with you. You can either opt to be declined for financial service applications or add a ‘referral flag’ to let organisations know about your circumstances – so that they can be taken into consideration.

How To Keep People with Learning Disabilities Safe Online

Ann Craft Trust

East Sussex County Council - video

Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities - download free guide



Useful websites
Easyhealth was made so that people know where to find accessible health information. Accessible information is information that uses easy words with pictures.
A leading social care charity that supports disabled and disadvantaged people to take control of their own lives.

(see separate section relating to Autism/Aspergers and section on Education for advice and information relating to education and special needs).

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